Pokemon Go shinies, sponsored avatar items datamined

Also, the next 100 Pokemon’s sound files are in

The latest update for Pokemon Go has been datamined, and although it isn’t concrete proof of all 100 Silver and Gold era creatures heading into the game on December 12, it’s something.

Sounds files for the upcoming 100 Pokemon have been located, as well as genders, shinies, an expansion of the buddy system, and costumes for both your avatar and your ‘mons. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of them are going to be sponsored, including grills and smokers. You too can be the very best corporate shill!

Seriously though, if trading and battling make it in, I’m sure it’ll spur people back into action (myself included). Despite the poor tracking system and spawn point setups, if you can trade, it’ll be everything in a populated era, and create more social gatherings like the early days. Until then, I doubt I’ll want to laboriously hunt for Pokemon I know I’ll never find until they’re drip fed to me.

Shinies, Genders [The Silph Road]

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