Pokemon Go is testing a PokeStop submission system

Limited to South Korea and Brazil to start

Back when I regularly played Pokémon Go, I wished there was a way to suggest new PokéStops. Most of us did. Soon, Niantic will begin testing exactly such a feature (albeit in select regions).

Pokémon Go players in South Korea and Brazil will be able to nominate PokéStops with photographs and descriptions, which will then be “reviewed by experienced users in the Ingress Operation Portal Recon (OPR) project.” This initial beta test is limited to level 40 Trainers and excludes child accounts.

In the mean time, it’s interesting to see what Niantic is looking for in a potential PokéStop.

The company ideally wants locations with “a cool story, a place in history, or educational value; “a cool piece of art or unique architecture”; or “a hidden gem or hyper-local spot.” Areas without pedestrian access, private residential properties, and seasonal or non-permanent suggestions are ineligible.

PokéStop Nomination Beta Comes to Brazil and South Korea! [Pokémon Go]

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