Pokemon Go is running another limited bonus event

More spawns and more items

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In an attempt to get people up and at ’em, Niantic is rolling out another Pokemon Go event that offers some XP bonuses (again, to the point that they should be normally).

The previously announced daily bonus feature will be applied going forward, which nets you extra XP and Stardust for the first catch and Pokestop of the day. You’ll garner even more rewards if you do both of these actions daily for up to a week. If you play every day, you should start accruing more currency steadily.

But if you play from now until November 11, you’ll also get more items from stops and experience a higher spawn rate from all creatures — when mixed with the decreased spawn from Pidgeys in a recent update, you should find more unique ‘mons during that period.

Once again though after that time is up, you’re back to normal (and depending on where you live, pitiful) spawns. I’ve walked several miles before an only found two Pidgeys in a non-rural area, and since the tracker doesn’t work, I couldn’t even locate rarer creatures — it’s beyond frustrating.

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