Pokemon Go has made $1.2 billion to date, surpasses 750 million downloads

Just in case you were wondering how it’s doing

The userbase for Pokemon Go dropped off dramatically, but the hardcore whales that are still funding it are dropping bags of money into Niantic’s lap.

According to app tracker Apptopia,  it’s generated $1.2 billion in revenue in the roughly one year it’s been out. For reference, that’s a little more money than Finding Dory ($1.029 billion) made worldwide last year in theaters. 752 million users have also downloaded the app.

So how many people are still playing? Well, a suggested “active” user count (which basically involves logging into the game at least once) is around 60 million monthly players as of June — 20% were daily players. For comparison’s sake, it had around 100 million last August right after the game reached the top of its hyped launch.

It’s weird walking around and not seeing as many people playing. There was a state park near me that was full of families and solo players alike meeting new people every weekend, but week to week that fizzled out until there was no one left but the hardcore 2500+ CP gym trainers. Maybe raids can mix things up? We’re still waiting on battling, trading, and legendaries in the meantime.

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