Pokemon Go gets an actual feature added, not taken away, in new update

Ha this game

Niantic has been supporting Pokemon Go at a sluggish pace, taking away more features than adding them this past month in a half. But yesterday it notified us of an update that’s coming in the form of version 0.35.0 on both iOS and Android that adds a new mechanic in.

Soon, you can actually interact with your team leader (Spark, Blanche, or Candela) to “appraise” your Pokemon and learn their offensive and defensive capabilities, so you don’t waste candy on some fake-ass scrub Yep, it’s basically an in-game IV reader, though details are scarce at the moment.

The developer also teases “new and exciting features,” which hopefully include the trading and on the spot battling elements that were teased during its announcement. Maybe we’ll get one of them next year in beta form on the west coast?

0.35.0 [Pokemon Go]

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