Pokemon Go gets a quick off-screen cameo in Doctor Who

The latest Christmas special

I love UK Christmas specials. They’re usually high quality episodes on a production budget, and have the ability to be standalone films in a way built off of the success of an established TV series. If needed, they can also provide closure, like the UK Office. But there won’t be any closure for Doctor Who for a while, at least, as long as they can keep finding actors to play The Doctor.

That includes the recent well received special The Return of Doctor Mysterio that aired just several days ago in the UK on BBC One on Christmas, which has a cute little Pokemon Go reference. Now, it doesn’t specifically say “Go,” but the idea is obvious, as The Doctor “floods the downstairs with Pokemon” as a distraction, causing people to run with their phones in the other direction.

Finally, an excuse to post about this show! The Fourth Doctor is the best one by the way.

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