Pokemon Go fastest app to reach top revenue on Android, battling Twitter with active users

That’s some momentum

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So, Pokemon Go is pretty popular. As in, millions of daily active users popular. So big in fact, that it has already surpassed Tinder in just one week without a global rollout, and is now taking on Twitter (a service that launched in 2006) in a battle of daily active users.

As of one week, five million installs have been recorded on just the Android platform, which catapulted it into the fastest mobile game ever in terms of taking the number one revenue spot — in other words, people are actually spending money on the microtransactions, which is good news for Niantic. It is estimated that “with less server issues and more features” the company can expect to generate one billion in revenue per year. Nintendo’s stock has also had its most significant jump since 1983.

I really wish I had a window into the future to see how popular Go is in mere weeks from now. At this point nearly everyone seems to be on board with it, but once kids go back to school and the interest of adults starts to wane, I’m curious to see how gyms work out (will they be dominated by the same few locals that are training 24/7 and have 2000+ CP Pokemon?), among other things like how long Niantic can maintain its active userbase.

Pokémon Go outpaces Clash Royale as the fastest game ever to No. 1 on the mobile revenue charts [VentureBeat]

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