Pokemon Go documentary shows the madness it created in New York City

Some people are really dedicated

If you’re not convinced that hundreds of people in packed dense locations are playing Pokemon Go yet, give this short documentary from Alexander Steinerg a watch.

In this doc you’ll find (and this is real):

  • An unsuspecting passerby businessman who makes adorably coy faces
  • A guy who hasn’t showered in four days and eats from food trucks
  • A teen who is too scared to announce his team in public
  • People who consider jumping barriers to parks for a Gyrados
  • A kid who made his own dope Pokemon hat
  • A guy who will go to Compton to catch Mew

The dude at 7:30 in explains it all: “anything can fucking happen!”

Man this game! It’s so cool to see this social phenomenon unfold. When it does plateau eventually I hope some of this madness is still around. I wonder how many people will stick around for Gold/Silver, which was better than the Red/Blue era by the way.

Chris Carter
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