Pokemon drawn in traditional Japanese style art

This guy who is Japanese and I can’t read anything on the site and none of my Japanese speaking translators are online right now, drew 251 Pokemon in traditional Japanese art style. After looking through all of the pictures, I have to say that I would gladly accept this style over the cute crap that we’re used to with Pokemon.

Nintendo, you want to regain some hardcore players? Then change the Pokemon to look like this, include blood and fatalities too. F**k that fainting nonsense. Seriously. You can’t pretend that Pikachu’s Thunder attack wouldn’t turn Squirtle into turtle soup.

Dammit, Nintendo! I want realism when it comes to my games featuring impossible creatures using super powers to battle for their human master’s pleasure even though humans are weak and the Pokemon can turn on the humans at any second and not be slaves anymore but they won’t because they’re stupid.

Stupid Pokemon.

ポケモン百五十一鬼夜行絵巻 [Blog.Livedoor, via Geekologie]


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