Pokemon director will share news on ‘latest Pokemon games’ next week

September 9

It’s a pretty exciting time for Pokemon. Not everyone is jazzed for Pokemon Go or the upcoming pair of Let’s Go games, but they’ve undeniably broadened the series’ global audience. Perhaps the most exciting news of all is that the next mainline generation is coming to consoles for the first time (in non-spinoff/adjacent form), which we might be hearing about sooner than later.

Junichi Masuda, jack-of-all-Pokemon-trades (producer, director, composer, designer) will be guest starring on the Pokenchi show on Sunday, September 9 at 8:00 JST (9PM ET) to “provide the latest news on the Pokemon games.” Odds are that the presentation (Direct but not Direct?) will focus on Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee, but you never know if Nintendo/Game Freak have a surprise up their sleeve.

The schedule seems like a calculated one-two punch. Get new fans hooked on Let’s Go and reel them in with a true mainline entry. Hopefully the upcoming duo will be good enough to catch old timers as well.

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Chris Carter
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