Pokemon Diamond and Pearl music is now available in a Sound Library

Pokemon Diamond Pearl sound library

Listen to your favorite tunes, or download them for your own use

The last few months have been a real big party for fans of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Some tunes are being made available for that jam too, as the Pokemon Company announced the Pokemon DP Sound Library.

Music from both Diamond and Pearl are available in this new sound library, which on one hand is essentially a radio station or player. Just leave it up in a tab, pull open playlists, or dive deep into the many noises of the Sinnoh region.

Or, if you’d rather, you can sample them. The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Sound Library is also a potential repository for music and sound effect sampling. There are some caveats, though. The Pokemon Company’s guidelines specifically note that this audio is usable free of charge for non-commercial purposes.

Under its examples for use cases, it cites background music for personal websites or plays, wedding parties, and sports games. So if you wanted some Pokemon Diamond and Pearl music for your procession / wrestling entrance, all clear.

However, broadcast and TV uses, radio, or something that infringes The Pokemon Company’s public policy are out. Most relevant, TPC cites use in games, apps, or software programs, so it’s not open for fan games. You can find the full guidelines here.

Still, this opens up some opportunities for remixes and sampling, which could be fun in its own right. A few examples are posted on the Sound Library site, and it certainly feels like the Sinnoh tunes could be ripe for remixing.

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