Pokemon creator Game Freak opens up YouTube and Twitter accounts


Game Freak has been killing it for nearly three decades now (their 30th anniversary is next April). While Nintendo gets a lot of the spotlight when it comes to the Pokemon series Game Freak is there actually developing all of them — and amazingly have remained a private company throughout this entire endeavor.

But they also need to get with the times eventually, and as of this past week they opened official Twitter and YouTube accounts for all the world to see. The idea is to increase their interaction with the community (an arm Nintendo typically handles), but there could be a long game afoot here (all of us are wondering when Nintendo will make them an offer they can’t refuse, right?).

There isn’t a whole lot on offer at the moment other than a video of the crew messing around with a stuffed Pikachu in the background, but I’d love to eventually see a full tour of the Game Freak office space and perhaps developer insight for things like Pokemon design work.

Game Freak [Twitter] Thanks Roger!

Chris Carter
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