Pokemon Cafe Mix is out this week, will not support TV play on Switch

Handheld only

The Pokemon Company was extremely vague (especially in regards to microtransactions) when it teased that Pokemon Cafe Mix was arriving on Switch and mobile devices soon, but thanks to a Nintendo database listing, we now have a firm release date of June 23.

The page also enlightens us on a few more details, like the fact that TV and tabletop mode will not be supported: instead, you’ll need to play completely in handheld form. Oh, and the premium currency is called “Golden Acorns,” which you can “earn in-game,” and allows you to buy continues or “regain hearts.”

Yes folks, this is an energy-based game: a route that Pokemon puzzlers have taken before. The good news is that it’s free-to-play and will only take up 112MB, so I’ll be giving it a go to see how quickly the paywalls kick in.

Pokemon Cafe Mix [Nintendo]

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