Pokemon is getting an Arceus Chronicles animated special

Arceus Chronicles

I’m pretty much always game for Pokemon specials

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A new Pokemon special titled Arceus Chronicles is set to debut very soon, as The Pokemon Company already has a platform and date: September 23, 2022 on Netflix. Before that though, fans who are attending the 2022 Pokemon World Championships in London will be able to see it at a screening event at 6PM BST on August 19.

Here’s the synopsis:

“A visit to the Sinnoh region turns into a high-stakes adventure when Ash, Pikachu, and friends join forces with powerful Pokemon to confront a looming threat! When Ash, Goh, and Dawn receive a mysterious message from the Mythical Pokemon Arceus, they meet up with Brock and head to Mount Coronet to investigate. There, they find a rampaging Heatran and the commanders of Team Galactic, who are determined to find their missing leader by opening a gate between dimensions.”

I kind of love the idea of mining a previous region/generation for more story, just like the Pokemon Legends game did before. Given the immense success of Legends, I think there are more of those types of games in the pipeline as we speak. As for the animated tie-in, while I haven’t kept up on every single episode of the long, long, long-running Pokemon series proper, I do generally watch all the films and specials — particularly the ones that are on YouTube for free. You can watch the trailer below and decide for yourself if you want to partake!

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