Podtoid’s Street Fighter movie episode records tonight! Woo!

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To you, the day Podtoid recorded a running commentary for the 1994 Street Fighter movie was the most important day of your life.

For Aaron Linde, it was Tuesday.

Or Monday night, rather. Either way, we’re finally watching Street Fighter, which means that even if the podcast sucks, it’ll still be eight times better than an average Podtoid episode due solely to Raul Julia’s tangential involvement. 

Pretty much the entire Podtoid will just be us watching the flick after some initial Games of the Week crap, but I’ll read a few listener questions near the end just so we can give away some cool stuff to one of you. You can ask about pretty much anything you want, but it’s likely that by the end of the film we’ll be so pumped by Jean Claude Van Damme’s Belgian accent that we’ll gravitate toward questions related to the SF movie itself.

Anyway, hit the jump and get to asking. And make sure to get a copy of the Street Fighter movie if you want to enjoy tomorrow’s episode. 

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