Podtoid tonight, comprised 100% of listener questions

Charlie Day is the saving grace of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

RetroforceGO! might complain that we ripped off their theme for this week’s episode, but I say they ripped off our day to record. It all evens out.

Anyway, yeah: this has been a slow-ass week in gaming news, so Podtoid is running on 100% listener questions tonight. Tiff is out, replaced tonight by Samit Sarkar, who is notably less fun to mock and insult when he tries to make a point.

As always, the best question (or the question which provokes the best discussion) will net the person who asked it $25. Since we’re going to be reading way more questions than usual, your chances of winning the cash have never been better!

Ask about whatever you want, so long as it’s videogame-related: there’s no set theme of discussion, though the sonnet topic is, of course, BonerQuest.

Get to askin’, faithful listeners. We record at 8 pm PDT, so anything before then is fair game.

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