Podtoid reviews Doom

Destructoid is DOOMed

Maybe the biggest gaming surprise of the year so far has been how excellent Doom turned out. Seriously, there was tremendous doubt all the way up until the minute it launched. Then, once the campaign starts, well, those concerns all melted away. It’s just so damn good.

In Destructoid’s official review, we gave it a 9 out of 10. Almost perfect! A few of us wanted to talk about it in more depth, so Zack Furniss, Steven Hansen, and yours truly teamed up to record a special edition of Podtoid that’s dedicated entirely to the new Doom.

We’re not asking you to turn in a book report, but have you tried id Software’s corpse-creation simulator that’s colloquially called “Doom” yet? Are you digging it as much as we are? If you have some thoughts or you just wanna shout “RIP AND TEAR,” we have an entire comments section for that.

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