Podtoid, Podtoid questions, it’s the greatest inquest in history

Ask us questions, tell us no lies

The first time I saw this Simpsons intro it immediately supplanted the actual Flinstones theme in my brain, and I sing it a lot. For the hard-drive-filling encyclopedic knowledge of the show I’m sure many of us share, the musical numbers are some of the catchiest, free to repeat context-free, ad nauseum. See myyyyyyy vest, see my vest.


Since the internet filing cabinets just got back in order, you might not be finished listening to Podtoid 334: Do a Barrel Roll yet. That’s ok. Spoilers: it was made even better because you asked some good questions in the comments for us to answer on air. So let’s do that again. Whatever’s on your mind (money on the mind). Is a hotdog a sandwich? When’s the last time you sharted? What do you do when your husband demands his mother be present in the room when you give birth? Why is everyone else on the road an asshole? What’s the stupidest thing you’ve bought condoms with to avoid buying condoms alone?

Ask questions in the comments. Shy? Or have a fun/lengthier story for us to read on air? Email us! podtoid[at]destructoid.com.

Steven Hansen