Podtoid EX-2 Gaiden Plus Alpha: Metal Gear Solid 4 edition


First things first, if you’re worried about spoilers, you can still listen to the podcast. The first third of the podcast is completely spoiler-free: we talk about the games’ quality, its flaws, and its characters, but we don’t get into any specifics that might be considered spoileriffic.

After the first third, of course, we get into pretty heavy spoiler territory, but you can still listen to at least the first half hour if you’re trying to stay away from spoilers.

Today, on this very special EX-2 Gaiden Plus Alpha episode of Podtoid (make sure to listen to this week’s “normal” episode), Brad Rice, Chad Concelmo,  Aaron Linde and myself talked about MGS4 at great length, guided mainly by questions from you, the listeners.

This being a crazy spinoff episode, I can’t actually give out $25 bucks to the best question. This is a good thing — I don’t think I could have decided on a favorite if someone held a gun to my head.

Anyway, go here to listen to the new episode, and, again, don’t hesitate to check out the first third even if you’re worried about spoilers. 

[The music is “Old Snake’s theme” by Harry Gregson-Williams.] 

Anthony Burch