Podtoid, Destructoid’s video game podcast, records today, ask us things if you want

Episode 306 is in the pipe (so smoke it)

Today, I ate at Del Taco, which has me feeling a bit uncomfortable. I don’t know why I just shared that. Maybe bean-and-cheese burritos contain truth serum. Anyway, the show must go on.

The show is Podtoid, by the way, a weekly podcast hosted by a murder (yeah, crows, I’m co-opting that; deal with it) of Dtoid editors, who talk about the hottest, slimiest video game news and other hard-hitting topics, like wage disparity and whether or not it’s okay to urinate in the shower.

This week, Tokyo Game Show is going on, so if you’d like to get us talking about something else or have a specific question pertaining to Japan and games and Japanese games, ask away.

P.S. Since Brett and Steven are off gallivanting around Japan (actually they’re asleep right now) we have conscripted Alissa McAloon to keep their seats warm. Give her a warm welcome to the show!

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