Podtoid 93: The Aaron Linde Show

Phallus Knife Fight‘s art is the gift that keeps on giving.

This week, The Podtoid Crew Minus Jim Sterling recorded a podcast that, sadly, does not also double as a fan commentary for the 1994 Street Fighter movie. It is, however, available here, and does, however, include discussions of the following things:

– Jim Sterling’s accent

– The cast’s boundless optimism for OnLive

Heather Chaplin 

– Linde’s feelings toward cover-based shooters

– “Huge slam on anteaters out of nowhere!”

– Edugames

MadWorld spoilers during the epilogue

This week’s best question came from Dexter345. Send me an email, Dexter, and we’ll send you a swag bag.

[The song is “Playing with the Boys” from the Top Gun soundtrack.]

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