Podtoid 84: Bulletproof Lightbulbs

Linde died and has been replaced with Samit Sarkar. Given the way Samit performs Siegelpuntz, you’d never notice.

This week’s episode was full of very, very interestingly worded reader questions. You can listen to it here. Highlights included:

– Musings on FEAR 2 and Resident Evil 5

– Artificial Intelligence, Shmartificial Intelligence

– “Eh, I’ll buy it after a price drop”

– The first time a particular series of sentences have ever been spoken aloud in the history of mankind

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This week’s best question came from Mr Happyfunlovetime, for obvious reasons. Happy, send an email to reverendanthony [a t ] gmail.com with your address and shirt size and we’ll send you some stuff.

[The song is from Rocko’s Modern life.]

Anthony Burch