Podtoid 81: Sting and Brad Nicholson at the gym

Image by Adam Dork.

It’s almost 2009, and BonerQuest is out. These are the two main things we talk about on Podtoid 81, though sadly not as much of the latter as you’re probably wishing for.

This week, the reg’lar cast (being Topher, Jim, Aaron, and myself) talked about the following, which can be listened to here

– Brad Nicholson is more ripped than you will ever be in your entire life

– Sting is metal

– We unveil Chad Concelmo’s Super Secret Dtoid GOTY voting process

– The best, worst, most disappointing, and most interesting games of 2008

– A precursor to a larger BonerQuest discussion

We ended up discussing most of the listener questions this week in our regular discussion, but randombullseye wins just because BonerQuest finally came out. Email your shipping details to (reverendanthony [a t] gmail [d ot] com) and we’ll send you a Dtoid swag bag.

[The song is “Baby I Love You” by The Yayhoos, which I’ve almost certainly used before.]

Anthony Burch