Podtoid 71: One More Pimp


Always take your rings off before you go for the slap. You gotta teach them manners, but you don’t want to damage the goods.

Samit, Topher, Aaron and I talked about the news of the past two weeks, and greatly enjoyed doing it. You can find the new episode here. Highlights included:

– Dead Space, hockey, and Goo

– And Stephen Fry

– Everyone loves the DSi

– Penetration

– Gamer Fuel and/or Grub are condescencion in a can and/or bag

LittleBigPlanet: do we want levels made by professional designers, or is it more fun to wade around and explore stuff made by “amateurs”?

The best question this week came from junglistgamer. Throw your email address at us in the comments and we’ll arrange to send you some cool swag.

[The song is from LittleBigPlanet. It’s called “Get It Together,” by The Go! Team.]

Anthony Burch