Podtoid 70: Ice Cream


How is one supposed to do an intro paragraph for a weekly news and discussion podcast? How many variations of “another week, another Podtoid” can I possibly type? We may never know.

This week, Topher, Aaron, Jim and I only ended up discussing a few topics, but we did so in an awful lot of depth. You can find the show here, as always. Highlights included:

– The horror of social networking sites

– Jack Thompson is not dead

– Play The Ship with Yashoki

– “Hideo Kojima Productions”

– Why do we tolerate grinding? Or something. Not really. We sort of get off track.

– But it’s still interesting. Probably.

The best question from this week came from MrRed. Throw us your email address, and we’ll get in touch with you about your swag. 

[The song is “Skokiaan” by Louis Armstrong.]

Anthony Burch