Podtoid 69: Illustrations of ducks


‘Nother week, ‘nother Podtoid, ‘nother confusing episode name made slightly less confusing once you listen to the actual episode, here. This week, Jim, Topher, Aaron and I talked about:

Dragon Quest: proper RPG, son

– The history of Jim Sterling’s testicle injuries (or lack thereof)

– An entire news topic derailed by a silly word and horrible racism

– FPS controls: everybody disagrees

– The climax of Half-Life Episode Two: deceptively easy, or watch-breakingly difficult?

– Aaron speaks the greatest sentence in his otherwise unremarkable life

This week’s best question came from Reginald. Provide some contact details and we’ll get in touch with you about some cool swag.

[The music is “Thunder Tornado” from Mega Man 9, just because.]

Anthony Burch