Podtoid 68 records tonight, sans a Tiff and plus a Toph

I have no idea why, but I was moved to re-watch the above video about eighty times last week, after having gone about two years without even thinking about it for a single second.

Anyway, Tiff is gone for good, but tonight Topher Cantler is around. He’s from that other Destructoid podcast. Retro-something-or-other. Something about NES games.

This week’s podcast will be our regular news roundup-type deal: we’ll be talking about hype, suspension of disbelief, Japanese vs western game development, and a bit about Killer Instinct.

As always, hit the jump, ask a comment, and if yours induces the most interesting conversation on the air, you’ll win some cool swag of your choosing. Oh, and the specifically-themed Siegel Puns from last week didn’t seem to pan out quite as well as I thought they would — mainly because “Castle Crashers” is sort of hard to pun-ify. Instead, this week, just pick a favorite game of yours and SiegelPun it. We’ll read a few of our favorites on air.

Anthony Burch