Podtoid 67: Paladintoid


Dan Paladin, the man who made Castle Crashers so pretty, joined us for last night’s Podtoid. It was also Tiff Chow’s last show and thus, the full cast was forced to discuss Castle Crashers in between tearful sobs and looks at days gone by.

Nah, just kidding: Aaron and Jim were gone, so it was just Tiff, Dan, Adam and myself. Still, there were sobs. Go here to listen for yourself. Highlights included:

– The first listener-created Joel Siegel puns 

– Creativity through disagreement

– Dan’s thoughts on boomeranging bats, douchelightning

Ye Olde version of Castle Crashers

– Tiff Chow: doesn’t know what the hell a mace looks like

– Adam really goddamn wants an animal orb plushie

This week’s most interesting question came from randombullseye, though it wasn’t identified as his at the time. Gimme yer contact info and we’ll get in touch about sending you some swag.

Anthony Burch