Podtoid 61 records tonight, and we don’t have a host!

In tonight’s Podtoid, myself, Aaron Linde and that woman are joined by … nobody. There is no host this episode, because Rev Anthony’s sister is a bitch. I don’t think that sheds any actual light on why he’s not going to be in this episode, but it’s the only reason Anthony gave us.

So, it’s just we three stalwarts unless I can find some sucker at short notice, and we will be talking about all sorts of general news such as Diablo III and Chrono Trigger. We also need questions from our precious, valued listeners, because that’ll eat up about twenty minutes of recording time and our deputy host, Aaron Linde, has better things to do than come up with content. As do I. 

Ask away, faithful listeners. Ask, ask away!

James Stephanie Sterling