Podtoid 60 tonight, 100% fueled by reader questions!

WALL•E comes out this week!

Yes, I know the last “proper” episode was #58, followed by our special MGS4 digression, but nothing terribly interesting happened this week and we need to pretend that this 100% Reader Question-filled episode is occurring because we reached some sort of episode count milestone. So, tonight’s episode is number 60.

Again, we’re relying totally on you for discussion topics this week: you can ask about whatever the heck you want (within reason), and we’ll try to answer as many questions as we can in an hour and a half. The best question, as always, will earn the person who asked it $25. 

I negleted to mention a sonnet theme last week, but in case you’re still interested, the sonnet theme is “contradictory female strength and sexism in Metal Gear Solid.” Ideally, you won’t actually use that entire phrase. 

Anyway, hit the comments and get to asking — we’re counting on you. 

Anthony Burch