Podtoid 60: Jim reads a poem


And, in so doing, he changes the course of English literature forever.

This week’s Podtoid, which you can listen to here, was fueled almost entirely by your questions; we got through as many as we could without being redundant or going over our time limit, and, given how damned good many of them were, we had a pretty good time doing so.

Highlights include:

-The longest song intro yet

-The poem in question

-I will never forgive CypherVR

-Do videogames have any actual benefit?

-“Water levels”

-Tiff Chow: scorpion enthusiast

This week’s $25 goes to ScreamingScarab, for proving — however temporarily — that Jim Sterling is fallible. Put your email in the comments and you’ll get yer cash.

[The intro/outro music is “Sports” by Tim and Eric.]

Anthony Burch