Podtoid 56 tonight, the regular cast…minus one

I honestly don’t care what anyone says: “skadoosh” is the funniest onomatopoeia ever.

Not that I didn’t really, really enjoy having Topher, Chad, and Ashley on, but it’s nice to know that I’ll be able to trade barbs with Aaron, hear disgusting things from Jim, and tell Tiff to shut her whore mouth before she can get two syllables out of it.

Feels like home.

Anyway, we record tonight, and need some questions. We’ll be talking about a crapload of random news stories in addition to this month’s Musings theme, so make your questions about whatever you darn well please. The best question nets its asker (that’s a word, right? It should be a word) $25. As always. 

This week’s sonnet theme is, “monkeys are a satire of humans,” based on Jim’s incisive observation last week.

[UPDATE: Evidently, Aaron can’t make it tonight. The lovely Colette Bennett will be filling in for him.] 

Anthony Burch