Podtoid 54: Jim Sterling IS the Giraffestalker


Illustration by Ashley Davis. Jealousy by Anthony Burch.

To even say that we really focused on “news” this week is a bit of an overstatement: we talked about videogames, yeah, but more often than not we just used news stories as a jumping-off point to BS about our own personal topics. It’s still a pretty solid episode — Tiff talks once or twice — but just a heads up.

Check out the new episode here. Highlights include: 

-No more Sterling sonnets, evidently

-White people don’t understand Silent Hill

Next week’s sonnet theme will be, “Tiff Chow: aggressively sexist”

See if you can notice the spot where we begin to slag off another podcast and I have to abruptly edit it all out

Howard Hughes and cognitive dissonance

This week, Conan-san wins the $25 for his question about difficult bosses, which prompted some pretty varied responses. Just post your email in the comments and I’ll contact you about the cash.

[The intro/outro song is “Kids Don’t Know Sh*t” by Islands.] 

Anthony Burch