Podtoid 53: The Blogocube


You’re looking at one of two — count ’em, two — variant headline pictures for this week’s Podtoid. The above 3D rendering of The Blogocube, created by Gynecologist Cobra, is sexier than most Mac ads.

Head to the official Podtoid page not only to check out this week’s show, but to see Ashley Davis‘s illustration of a rivalry as old as time itself.

This week, Chad Concelmo and Topher Cantler dropped by to fill the voids left by Bastard McHatesOcarinaOfTime and Floozy O’Doesn’tPlayVideogames. In what may be the first ever episode of PodtoidForceGO!, Chad, Topher, Jim and I discussed the following:

Topher and Jim are best friends

A urine-soaked Miyamoto

Chad Concelmo: Next-gen ejaculator 

Nobody agrees with Wardrox

Next week’s sonnet/illustration theme will be “Jim versus a Giraffe”

This week, KMCC won the $25 for his remarkably intelligent question concerning videogame sales and the recession. Just put your email in the comments to get your stimulus package.

Anyway, yeah. What are you waiting for? Go listen. I apologize in advance, Droll

[The song used is “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie.] 

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