Podtoid 50: The Metal Gear Solid extravaganza!


If you only listen to one Podtoid episode ever, make it this one. We put slightly more work into it than usual. You’ll have to listen to the actual episode to find out what’s special about it, but let’s just say that if you were in the pre-show post requesting that Jim Sterling do more impressions of Solid Snake, your wish has been granted.

And then some.

This week, Tiff “Gargantuan Rattlesnake” Chow, Jim “Artificial Donkey” Sterling, Aaron “Energizing Salamander” Linde and myself, Genius Grasshopper, talk about our favoritest videogame series involving bipedal robots and eyepatch-wearing badasses, Metal Gear Solid. Spoilers ensue for all three games in the series.

Topics of discussion included:

-A sonnet from Brilliam

A surveillance camera??!!??

Tiff Chow: loves boxes, hates level 5 keycards


-Defending Raiden

-A Hind D??!!??

We want more Big Boss, sort of

Metal Gear??!!??

This week, Arrested Developer won the $25. I’m really, really, really sorry that we didn’t get time to ask more reader questions, but Podtoid records pretty late and Jim had to keep slapping himself in the face to stay awake. Anyway, Arrested, put yo’ email in the comments and we’ll drop you a line.

Anthony Burch