Podtoid 50 FINALLY records tonight; it’s about Metal Gear Solid

FIrstly, the above video contains the best non-remixed rendition of the MGS2 theme I’ve ever heard.

Secondly, after what feels like months we’re finally ready to record Podtoid’s 50th episode tonight at 7pm EST. There will be laughter, discussion, and given the fact that 3/4 of the cast loves Metal Gear Solid more than their own family, probably a lot of nerdy circle-jerking.

There will also be some neat additional stuff you won’t get to hear until tomorrow.

But anyway, we need questions: if you asked some Solid-related questions of RFGO! this Sunday and didn’t get them answered, then now is the time to throw those out. Any and everything related to the MGS series is up for grabs (except for “David Hayter, will you marry me” because I already have dibs on that one).

As always, the best question nabs the winner $25, so hit the comments and start askin’, already.

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