Podtoid 49 tonight, we talk about endings and stuff


Doctor Who is finally back, it’s been two weeks since I made one of these posts, I’m drowsy on allergy medicine, and I can’t put up any picture directly related to our theme without spoiling something for someone. Why wouldn’t I post a photo of David Tennant?

RetroforceGO! is a day late, Podtoid is a day early — today is truly opposite day. After a two week hiatus, we’re back to talk about videogame endings; our favorites, our least favorites, what works and what doesn’t.

As always, we need reader questions: we record at 8 pm PST, so you’ve got until then to give us your most interesting, thought-provoking questions to be read on-air. The best question, or the question which results in the best discussion, will get $25 to the person who asked it.

Anything’s up for grabs this week: since it’s been a while since the last episode, go ahead and share any news pieces you’d like us to discuss. Or, just ask us something about videogame endings that we probably won’t talk about on the show anyway (e.g., not “what do you think of multiple endings?”). Or, forego all that BS and ask us something totally unrelated. It’s up to you.

Anyway, hit the just and get to askin’! 

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