Podtoid 49 – The end of the game as you know it


We — being myself, Aaron Linde, Jim Sterling, and Tiff Chow — are back after a two-week hiatus (and one day early, no less), and this week we’re talking about videogame endings.

What works, where an ending is concerned? What doesn’t? Should long games have longer endings? Which games got it right, or wrong? These questions are skirted, if not totally answered. Caressed, if not fully violated. 

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We do “spoil” a few games (be sure to listen to Jim’s discussion on the validity of the term), so I thought it’d be beneficial to list them all after the jump. So I did.

Hit the jump. 

[The intro/outro music is “Does (Breakbot Remix)” by ARROW !!!]

Shadow of the Colossus
Half-Life 2
Bad Dudes
BioShock (but only the twist that starts with the letter “A” that’s been bandied about willy-nilly by everyone on the planet — not the other, bigger one)
Call of Duty 4
Devil May Cry 3
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Metal Gear Solid 2

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