Podtoid 48 records tonight; artgames a-plenty


Being the huge indie fan I am, it was only a matter of time until we devoted an entire Podtoid to indie games. I’m still not sure if we’re gonna do the show on indie games in general, or just in ar-tee-steeck ones, but we’ll definitely be using them as a starting point.

Tonight at 8 pm PST, we’ll be talking about Passage, Gravitation, The Marriage, Stars Over Half Moon Bay and probably some others. If you want a preview of how the show will likely go, I’ll be like “art games are so cool” and Aaron will be like “yeah kinda” and Jim will be like “you’re both complete f*cking idiots” and Tiff will be like “hey stop interrupting me.”

So, pretty much like every other show we’ve done, except with more arguing.

We still need reader questions, though, so go ahead and throw ’em out. Try to avoid “are indie games: showing us new things/totally pretentious/the future of videogames” and so on, since we’ll probably be discussing that sorta stuff anyway. Other than that, though, go nuts.

As always, best question gets $25. Hit the comments. 

Anthony Burch