Podtoid 46 – Street Fighter is the Citizen Kane of Videogame Movies

In terms of technical stuff, this is probably one of the worst episodes we’ve ever done: Jim’s Skype is worse than ever, and typing and Skype bloops can be heard at random times throughout the proceedings. Still, though, the actual podcast content is pretty solid (if I may say so).

This week, Tiff, Linde, Jim and I talked about the suckitude of videogame movies; head to the official Podtoid page to check it out, or subscribe to us on iTunes. Specific topics of discussion include:

Why do videogame movies suck so badly: Yeah, they take away interactivity, but can some videogame ideas work if transplanted correctly to cinema?

Uwe Boll: Douchebag, or Pretty Cool Guy?

Resident Evil movie: You can’t knock zombies unconscious.

The Street Fighter movie: Raul Julia is God’s gift to an ungrateful world.

Double Dragon: Just look at that man’s hair. My God, just look at his hair.

Animated game movies: A slightly less crappy variety of crap.

Hidden burping contest clip at the end: It goes against my nature to actually mention it to you, thus making it not hidden, but Jesus Christ it’s gross.

This week’s $25 question prize goes to SR388. Gimme your email in the comments and your prize money will be delivered forthwith.

[The intro/outro is Flat Beat by Mr. Oizo.] 

Anthony Burch