Podtoid 45: Jihad for kids


This week’s Podtoid is as random and meandering as they come, but it’s still got some good bits. Head to the official Podtoid page or check your iTunes to listen to the latest episode. In it, Jim, Aaron, Tiff and I discussed such wide-ranging topics as:

Our favorite GDC moments: None of them even remotely game-related!

The death of HD DVD: When I want to edit something out, I make everyone shut up for ten seconds straight so I can easily find the silence in post!

Delicious, delicious hypocrisy: Actual debate ensues!

Current game cliches we want to die: I speak without thinking and make a jackass of myself!

This week, SuitCoatAvenger won the $25 for asking a question which warranted a hell of a lot of discussion without being too big for its metaphorical britches. I will email you and get your contact info. 

[The intro/outro is the opening monologue from the only really, truly great film to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards in at least 20 years.] 

Anthony Burch