Podtoid 44 – Marsupial genitals


Valentine’s Day is one of two things: a corporate-driven exercise in greed and materialism, or a shallow excuse for couples to exchange dishonest platitudes and have underwhelming sex in an effort to follow society’s instructions as to what romance should be.

This week’s Podtoid is the antidote to all that. We actually engage in a lot of legitimate debate (no, seriously — we do) and, up until the end, completely ignore the cultural abortion that is Valentine’s Day.

Head to the official Podtoid page and listen enraptured as Jim Sterling, Tiff Chow, Aaron Linde and myself discuss the following:

What’s the deal with Boom Blox: a.k.a. “Action Jenga With Bombs.”

Jesus vs. Nintendo: There’s no “sell your daughter into slavery” minigame in Super Mario Bros, nor is there a “publicly murder your wife for adultery” bonus round in Halo.

BioWare? More like Bio-Scared, am I right: Should game companies take responsibility for defending themselves? Does gaming need an anti-Jack Thompson?

And, of course, reader questions. This week, Lord_Satorious wins $25 bucks for asking — well, not necessarily the best question, but one that certainly…well, you’ll see. Just listen to the podcast. Satorious, post your email address in the comments after you’ve composed yourself.

[The intro/outro music is “Funkenflug” by Markus Schrodt; image is taken from “L’Amour” by Don Hertzfeldt.]

Anthony Burch