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You know what really blows? Using Skype on a Mac. Hey, how about instead of letting me decide when my volume levels are okay, Leopard could lower my mic input volume everytime I speak for more than two minutes, forcing me to keep my mouse button on the volume slider for no goddamned reason? Yeah, that would be awesome.

As always, head to the official Podtoid page and listen to this week’s episode. In it, Aaron Linde, Brad Rice, Jim Sterling and I discussed:

Escape from Bug Island and crappy games in general: Breasts and title recognition go hand in hand

One Console to Rule Them All?: For once, everyone agrees about everything — unsurprisingly, this segment lasts about three minutes total

Mass Effect will make you gay: Kevin McCullough eats babies

And a buttload of gaming-unrelated reader questions. Vote Obama. 

fpsjonny won this week’s twenty-five buck prize, if only because he brought up a topic which we’ll eventually devote an entire episode to. Gimme your email in the comments.

[The intro/outro music is SebastiAn’s remix of “Killing in the Name Of”.] 

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