Podtoid 37 – Voyage of the Damned was quite good edition

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There’s that little monologue where he gives his own biography and the characters were really well developed and it felt like a really dark, big-budget, blockbuster feature film and stuff. Watch it. I have dibs on David Tennant.

This week (which will be pleasantly free of stereo and iTunes problems if all goes according to plan) features Tiffany Chow, Brad Rice, and Jim Sterling. So, it’s got that going for it. Which is nice. Highlights include:

Christmas – Did the game industry blow its load too early this year? Do sexual metaphors improve any serious discussion?

PC World names the most offensive titles of 2007 – Kind of a cheat as we’ll be talking about year-in-review stuff next week, but why pass up a chance to make fun of anti-Semites?

The New York Times calls Halo 3 and Super Mario Galaxy “unambitious” Tiff knows of Space Giraffe but hasn’t yet played it; Jim has played it, but wishes he hadn’t.

Reader questions – Brad knows how to kill a 9/11 joke quicker than anybody.

For some reason we start talking about the WGA strike – Just ‘cuz, bitch.

As always, head to the official Podtoid page to check out this week’s episode, then hit the comments if you’ve got any suggestions or questions. Also, Ugly Phil submitted the best question of this week — congratulations, you’re 25 bucks richer.  

[The intro/outro song is the new Doctor Who theme from the Christmas special, now with 40% more hard rockin’]

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