Podtoid 37 records tonight, make with the questions


You probably thought Podtoid would take a week off for the Holidays, but — barring any Skype, connection, audio editing problems, host laziness or other completely random but ubiquitous technical difficulties — you’d be dead wrong. Probably.

This week, Tiffany Chow, Brad Rice, Jim Sterling and myself will not only engage in the sort of informal “how-was-your-Christmas-oh-not-bad-how-was-yours eh-my-aunt-got-drunk-and-tore-down-the-decorations” conversation so indicative of post-Christmas podcasting, but we’ll also discuss some stuff about games.

With that in mind, toss out some reader questions: as always, the better ones will be discussed on the show, and the very best will net 25 bucks for the bloke who asked it. Try to stay away from “year in review”-type questions — our 2007 retrospective episode will record next week.

Anthony Burch