Podtoid 35: What does this mean for this headline?

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Like a post-pubescent girl, we’ve once again reached that special time where blood starts spraying from our vaginas we must again record Podtoid. Topics of interest tonight include:

Nex’s apparent lack of knowledge on the subject of female menses
What does this mean for that bagel you just ate?

Piracy of Mario Galaxy
What does this mean for galaxies all over the world? Will there be a resurgence in astronomical theft the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the 1500s? What will that mean for the corpse of Johannes Kepler?

Keita Takahasi is a grumpy old man 
What will this mean for Jack Lemmon, Lemon Pledge and Electro Lemon?

Hit the jump to kindly deposit your questions, comments and words of praise for female menses.

(Editor’s Note: I’m fixated! I know! I swear I’m working on it! — Nex)

[UPDATE: I can’t count.] 

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