Podtoid 32: Bloody Coup

Great civilizations often crumble at the height of their decadence. Last week on Podtoid 31, Nex and I were drizzling chocolate on bundles of hundred dollar bills and shooting them out of a flaming cannon — it should come as no surprise that a little change was bound to follow. Now that Nex is off at Portland State University teaching History 304 (Using Obscure Middle English History References to Pick Up Chicks), it falls to me to carry Podtoid along its straight and narrow trajectory straight into the everlovin’ dirt.

I couldn’t be expected to bring ruin to the expectations of our community without a bit of help, could I? This week I’ll be joined by bloodthirsty stormtroopers DMV, Rev. Anthony, and .tiff, but that’s not why you’re here, is it? You’re here for the cash. Hit those comments and ask us something profound, funny, or stimulating (you know, the dirty way) for your chance at $25. Best question aired takes home the dough, which can be spent on any number of rugs, boats, trees, or very small fish. But only those items. We’re watching you.

Recording goes down tomorrow night, so you’ve got until then to send us your questions. Triumph or die! 

Aaron Linde