Podtoid 31: Let’s try this again …

As you probably maybe didn’t notice, Podtoid 31 wasn’t released on Tuesday. A combination of technological failure, scheduling issues and cows kicking over oil lamps caused the entire thing to vanish mysteriously from my hard drive and try as I might I couldn’t pull a Lazarus on the whole thing. So, with the stone still in place, I said to my team “Team, we’re NOT re-recording! In fact, we’re just gonna wait until next week and record it again! Why? Because if I don’t make rules in a pompous, self-important manner, I’ll lose my reputation as a pompous self-important ass to one of those English fellows! How do you think George Patton would feel about that?” With the fear of Zombie Patton running through their minds, the team agreed and promised to never speak ill of myself or the bald eagle that perches on my shoulder.

Hence, we’re recording Podtoid 31 today! We’ll need your questions in just a moment, but please read the topics I’m about to outline before you ask us questions that we will, no doubt, already be talking about.


The Lair Reviewers Guide: Sure, companies have been doing this sort of thing for a while now, but is it ethical? Do reviewers listen to it? Do we win points with the general public by pissing all over their efforts?

Guitar Hero III revelations: Is this all really, REALLY awesome, or are they the actions of a company that realizes it is totally screwed now that it has to compete with the glory of Rock Band? 

Secret Third Topic: There’s no link included because it’s a secret! 

Also, I’ll probably end up finally talking about the games of PAX. I should have done this half a month ago, but I’m an unreliable ne’er do well with the shifty eyes of a gypsy.

Now would be the time to hit up the comments and give us your questions, so please, go do so. 

[UPDATE: Oh yeah, and the contest is in effect again this week: best reader submitted question will win a solid $25. We’ll announce the winner on the Podtoid and then the winner has 1 week to email me at [email protected] to claim their prize.] 

Earnest Cavalli
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