Podtoid 31: Effing Finally!

Yup, we really are doing one this time. The last time I posted about Podtoid, it was really just an excuse to draw attention to the fact that the Mexican-American population of Texas has some very interesting ideas about rampant procreation given their stereotypical lack of financial support, but this time we actually need your questions!

Topics have yet to be finalized, but you can almost assume PAX and its myriad of games will be the main topic. Secondary topics could include polar bears and how they are affected by rapidly melting Arctic ice floes, but realistically they won’t.

Now go to the comments and do that thing I said! Remember, without you Podtoid would just be a 45 minute long loop of Orson Welles swearing at a refrigerator box.

Thank you and goodnight. 


Earnest Cavalli
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