Podtoid 297: E3 2015 Predictions, Tips & Tricks

Life is hard. Just have a beer, man

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Welcome back to Podtoid! It’s the calm before the storm, so to speak. The Dtoid staff is descending upon Los Angeles for this week’s trade show — but we decided to record a little something before jetting off to sunny Southern California for a week of videogames and binge drinking.

Listen to Steven, Laura, and myself discuss our thoughts headed into E3 2015. And let us know what you’re looking forward to or hope to see get revealed in the coming days!

What We Discussed

  • Our E3 hopes and dreams
  • Pre-E3 leaks
  • Steven’s dog menagerie
  • Hot advice for E3 virgins
  • The horrors of the American medical system
  • Shower habits
  • Laura’s serial killer Airbnb host
  • Sleeping in urinals
  • The worst part of E3 is…
  • Fun and games on aeroplanes
  • Sexy anime
Send any and all questions, tips, and Gardevoir drawings to [email protected]

Kyle MacGregor Burleson